Why Study MBBS in Azerbajan Medical University

Study MBBS in Azerbaijan
Studying MBBS abroad is often considered to be very complicated and expensive to be a part of the average Indian dream. It gets very confusing for those who dare dream of studying abroad, too many countries, agencies, and questions regarding the authenticity of the educational institution all together make the experience miserable. This is where we “Get Direction Global” comes in. If you are here still reading this, then you must be familiar with how competitive and expensive it is to be a part of an MBBS program in the country. Now you have many questions in your head. Let’s unravel the mysteries, shall we?

Azerbaijan Medical University Students

Where is Azerbaijan ?
The Republic of Azerbaijan with its unique nature, centuries-old culture, and history is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, on the eastern side of Transcaucasia, and is a member of the Council of Europe. Azerbaijan State Medical University was founded based on the Medical faculty of Azerbaijan (Baku) State University on June 19, 1930, and has a history of producing more than 63,000 fully qualified doctors and pharmacists both for the Azerbaijan Republic and for the rest of the world in the past 85 years.

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Where is Azerbaijan

Is it expensive?
Azerbaijan Medical University will provide you Low-cost tuition fees for MBBS. The education in Azerbaijan Medical University is very affordable compared to India, Russia, and other European countries. The cost of living in Azerbaijan is extremely low compared to any
other country. It hardly costs around US$ 130 per month (approximately 10000 INR) towards living costs.

Is it accessible for Indian students ?
The 6 year MD program (Bachelor level leads to MD equivalent to MBBS in India) is taught in the medium of English. Get Direction Global assures you a 100% admission as the university does not carry out entrance exams. Indian students get a benefit by applying for MBBS in Azerbaijan, they are eligible to appear for various licensing exams such as MCI screening test, USMLE -1, PLAB in the UK, etc.

How long is Azerbaijan from India?
The distance between India and Azerbaijan is just 4946 kilometers and relatively not very far considering other major countries to take an MBBS degree in. The total flight duration from India to Azerbaijan is just five hours. This is the cheapest and easiest mode of travel from India to Azerbaijan and back.

Will the climate be suitable for Indians?
Azerbaijan has a continental influenced climate with warm summers and cold winters like India. There are three different climate zones such as the mountainous region, the south region, and the coast of the Caspian Sea. The summer has a temperature differing from 20-30 degrees celsius. The winter never goes in minus degrees. The climate of Azerbaijan is diverse but easy to adapt for Indians.

Do we get Indian food in Azerbaijan?
Azerbaijan has a wide range of cuisines any new individual would like to try and adapt as it is a major tourist destination. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan has several great Indian restaurants and food stalls with Indian food that is available at a low price. The hostel provided for students also has a mess that avails Indian food (both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian) making it easier for Indian students to live there.

How safe is Azerbaijan?
Azerbaijan is a Well developed country and Baku is a very safe region among the other cities. It is considered to be the 16th safest country in the world. It enforces strict laws against harassment or any type of discrimination. The safety and security level of Azerbaijan can be compared to that of London city, which is very high. This makes it safe for Indian students to travel, study, and live in Azerbaijan.

How is the education standard?
Azerbaijan Medical University is considered to be one of the top medical institutions in Europe and educates over 1200 students who are from about 21 different countries throughout the world. Azerbaijan Medical University is recognized and approved by the WHO (World Health Organisation), the Medical Council of India, and other major international bodies. This surely guarantees you quality education at the lowest tuition fee possible. AMU is equipped with 74 different departments to educate students. The level and standard of education in Azerbaijan Universities are very high. Students who have graduated from this university are assured placement easily in Azerbaijan and throughout the world. Studying MBBS at Azerbaijan Medical University provides you the best learning environment and education. Azerbaijan Medical University has got an administrative building, 6 teaching buildings, a scientific-research center, a student canteen and buffets, a health resort, a publishing house and newspaper, a big sports complex with a swimming pool, fundamental library, and laboratories. More than 7 thousand students are studying at the 7 faculties, such as General Medicine 1 and 2, Pediatrics, Medico-Prophylactic and Medico-Biological, Dentistry, Pharmacological, Military Medicine.

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Why Azerbaijan?
The historical center of Baku reveals its tumultuous past, from its roots as a Persian capital, through its oil boom to its Soviet occupation. The old city is a maze of alleys, mosques, historic buildings and remnants of fortification, including the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the Maiden Tower, now listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Much more than a historic site, the city hosts vibrant arts and cultural activities, as well as a bustling modern business sector which in turn offers the students a highly welcoming environment to study and grow. The crime rate in Azerbaijan is very less as compared to other countries with no discrimination among students based on religion, creed, race, gender, etc. Azerbaijan offers moderate weather conditions in comparison to Russia which is more appealing to Indian students. By studying in Azerbaijan you can acquire Azerbaijan citizenship easily and with
this citizenship, it will be more comfortable to travel to many countries, including European countries, without a visa, and some of them with a simplified visa. The level and standard of education in Azerbaijan Universities are very high. Students who have graduated from these universities can find a job easily not only in Azerbaijan but also all over the world.

Baku City, Capital of Azerbaijan Night View

What is the Eligibility to Study in Azerbaijan Medical University?
Many universities around the world have high eligibility criteria to get admission which students often find difficult to handle. However, Azerbaijan Medical University has No Entrance Exam. It only seeks 55-60% marks in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and should be qualified in the NEET exam with a reasonable application processing fee to secure your admission.

What Get Direction Global does for you :
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  6. Why Choose Get Direction Global to study in Azerbaijan?
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