MBBS in Ukraine

Why MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine has several renowned colleges for pursuing medical education in English medium for foreign students. Since English medium courses have been introduced in medical colleges of Ukraine, there has been a sudden rise in the number of foreign students being admissted to universities of Ukraine. The process of taking MBBS admission in Ukraine is exactly same as of Russia & neighboring countries.

The prime universities of Ukraine which are considered as the best options for foreign students are as mentioned below :

  • MBBS in Kiev International University, Kiev
  • MBBS in Kiev Medical University, Kiev
  • MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University, Kharkiv
  • MBBS in V N Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv

Majority of foreign students studying MBBS in Ukraine medical colleges are from India. Students can opt for courses in English medium or Russian medium. Teaching is conducted by highly trained professors & doctors who are fluent in English. Separate hostels are available for foreign students with all basic amenities & furniture.

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MBBS Fees in Ukraine

We offer the lowest MBBS fees in Ukraine to students who want to study MBBS in Ukraine. Indian students can apply for direct MBBS admission in Ukraine on the basis of eligibility as the admissions are open.

The total MBBS fees in Ukraine for Indian students ranges from 20 Lacs to 26 Lacs for full MBBS course. It is one of the main reasons that Indian students choose Ukraine as their destination to study MBBS abroad. The duration of medical course is 6 years in English medium.

Universites & Fees Structure

MBBS Fee Structure in Ukraine – 2021

Detailed MBBS fee structure in Ukraine of the best medical colleges in Ukraine for the 2021/22 (September) session below :

# Universities 1st Year (Including hostel and other charges) fees per year 2nd-6th year Total 6 year course fee 2nd-6th Year Hostel Total course cost with hostel
1 Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University 7500 4,87,500 4000 2,56,000 27,500 17,67,500 280*5=1400 89,600 27000+1400=28,400 18,17,600
2 Lviv National Medical University 8200 5,33,000 4400 2,81,600 30,200 19,73,000 650*5=4000 2,56,000 29,500+400=33,500 21,44,000
3 Lugansk State Medical University 6500 4,16,000 3000 1,92,000 21,500 13,76,000 400*5=2000 1,28,000 21,500+2000=23,500 15,04,000
4 Vinnitsa National University 7000 4,48,000 4400 2,81,600 29,000 18,56,000 450*5=2250 1,44,000 29,00+2250=31,250 20,00,000
5 Bogomolets National Medical University 7500 4,80,000 4300 2,75,200 29,000 18,56,000 1000*5=5000 3,20,000 29,000+5000=34,000 21,76,000
6 Dnipropetrovst State Medical University 6700 4,28,000 3500 2,24,000 24,200 1,54,880 900*5=4500 2,88,000 24200+4500=28,700 18,36,500
7 Odessa State Medical University 7000 4,48,00 4000/300 2,75,200 31,500 20,16,000 1000*5=5000 3,20,000 31500+5000=36,500 23,36,000
8 Donestsk National Medical University 8000 5,20,000 4000 2,56,000 28,000 17,33,000 1000*5=5000 3,20,000 26,500+5000=31,500 20,16,000
9 Ternopil State Medical University 6500 4,16,000 4100 2,26,400 27,000 17,28,000 600*5=3000 1,92,000 27,000+3000=30,000 19,20,000
10 Kyiv Medical University Of (UAFM) 6900 4,48,500 3500 2,24,000 24,400 15,67,900 1200*5=6000 3,84,000 23,900+6000=37,700 19,13,600
11 V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University 7800 5,07,000 4300 2,75,200 29,300 16,85,200 1100*5=5500 3,52,000 25,800+5500=31,300 20,032,00
12 Kharkiv National Medical University 8000 5,20,800 4800 3,07,200 32,000 20,55,200 1200*5=6000 3,84,000 31700+6000=37,700 24,12,800
13 Sumy State Medical University 6500 4,16,000 4100 2,26,400 27,000 17,28,000 600*5=3000 1,92,000 27,000+3000=30,000 19,20,000
14 National University Shevchenko 8300 5,39,500 4000 2,56,000 28,300 18,19,500 800*5=4000 2,56,000 25300+4000=29,300 19,52,000
15 Black Sea National University 7500 4,87,500 3700 2,36,800 26,000 16,71,500 800*5=4000 2,56,000 25300+4000=29,300 18,75,200
16 Zaporozhye State Medical University 7000 4,48,000 4200 2,68,800 28,000 17,92,000 800*5=4000 2,56,000 28,000+4000=32,000 20,48,000
16 Kharkiv National Medical University 7700 4,55,000 4300 2,79,500 21,500 14,39,000 1000*5=5000 3,20,000 21,500+5000=26,500 17,22,500
Name of University 1st Year Fees

(Tuition + Hostel + Medical + Misc.)
2nd-6th / Year Fees

(Tuition + Hostel + Medical)
Total Course Fees

(Tuition + Hostel + Medical)
Kyiv Medical University of UAFM USD 6,250 / INR 4,68,750** USD 4,500 / INR 3,37,500 USD 28,750 / INR 21,56,250
Bukovinian State Medical University USD 6,550 / INR 4,91,250** USD 4,400 / INR 3,30,000 USD 28,750 / INR 21,56,250
Ivano Frankivsk Nat. Medical University USD 6,800 / INR 5,10,,000** USD 4,400 / INR 3,30,000 USD 28,800 / INR 21,60,000
Black Sea National University USD 5,800 / INR 4,35,000** USD 4,500 – USD 4,800*** USD 29,200 / INR 21,90,000
Uzhhorod National University USD 6,150 / INR 4,61,250 USD 4,850 / INR 3,63,750 USD 30,400 / INR 22,80,000
Poltava State Medical University USD 6,150 / INR 4,61,250** USD 4,500 – USD 5,300*** USD 31,850 / INR 23,88,750
Donetsk National Medical University USD 6,500 / INR 4,87,500** USD 5,200 / INR 3,90,000 USD 32,500 / INR 24,37,500
Sumy State University USD 6,500 / INR 4,87,500 USD 5,200 / INR 3,90,000 USD 32,500 / INR 24,37,500
Ternopil National Medical University USD 6,200 / INR 4,65,000 USD 5,320 – USD 5,520*** USD 33,300 / INR 24,97,500
Zaporozhye State Medical University USD 6,500 / INR 4,87,500 USD 5,200 – USD 5,700*** USD 34,000 / INR 25,50,000
Kharkiv National Medical University USD 6,950 / INR 5,21,250** USD 5,500 / INR 4,12,500 USD 34,450 / INR 25,83,750
VN Karazin Kharkiv National University USD 6,950 / INR 5,21,250** USD 5,500 / INR 4,12,500 USD 34,450 / INR 25,83,750
Vinnitsa National Medical University USD 7,600 / INR 5,70,000 USD 5,600 / INR 4,20,000 USD 35,600 / INR 26,70,000
Bogomolets National Medical University USD 7,750 / INR 5,81,250** USD 5,700 / INR 4,27,500 USD 36,250 / INR 27,18,750
Lviv National Medical University USD 7,400 / INR 5,55,000** USD 5,800 / INR 4,35,000 USD 36,400 / INR 27,30,000
Taras Shevchenko National University USD 7,950 / INR 5,96,250** USD 5,900 / INR 4,42,500 USD 37,450 / INR 28,08,750

* Yearly MBBS fee in Ukraine includes tuition fee, hostel fee, medical insurance, legalization & misc. charges.
* 1 USD = INR 75 applied at the time of preparing above MBBS fees structure.
* Amount payable may differ at the time of exchange depending on forex rate.
* Indian mess compulsory for all students in 1st year in Bukovinian (USD 1,200) & Kharkiv National (USD 1300).
*Mess charges will be 100 to 120 USA per month / depending upon university mess service provider
*Visa and processing charges in India 2000 USD, Ticket Extra

** 6 years combined medical insurance to be paid additionally in 1st year in these medical universities (Check university detail page for full info).
*** Yearly fees increases from the minimum to maximum given above during 2nd to 6th year (Check university detail page for full info)

Is MBBS from Ukraine valid/recognized in India ?

Yes, the MBBS degree from Ukraine is fully valid & recognized in India. All medical universities in the above list have recognition from WHO and MCI/NMC. The list of recognized/approved medical colleges in Ukraine for Indian students is available on the official web links of NMC (Earlier known MCI) & WHO.

The university awards MD (Physician) degree to Indian students after they complete medical education successfully. This MBBS/MD (Physician) degree from Ukraine is valid & recognized in India. It is just an other name of what we call MBBS degree in India. Thousands of Indian students in the past who completed their MBBS from Ukraine are successfully working in India & many other countries after clearing the MCI Screening test/FMGE/Next Exam.

What is the eligibility for MBBS admission in Ukraine ?

The eligibility for MBBS admission in Ukraine for Indian students is easy & straight forward as below :

  • 50% marks in PCB in 12th/Inter (40% marks for SC/ST/OBC)
  • NEET qualification (2019/2020/2021)
  • Minimum 17 years age (Till 31st December 2021)

* Some renowned medical universities in Ukraine require 60%-70% in 12th/Intermediate from Indian students instead of the 50% marks criteria set by MCI/NMC.

How to apply for MBBS in Ukraine ?

Indian students can apply for MBBS in Ukraine in 2021 through steps outlined below :

  • Student should submit 10th & 12th marksheet, NEET result & application forms.
  • The university will issue the admission letter within 2-3 working days.
  • Student should submit all original documents along with marksheets, passport, photos & medical reports.
  • The university will provide invitation letter in soft copy for study visa from it’s embassy in India.
  • We will compile & submit all documents together for study visa & collect it from embassy, when ready.
  • We will inform the student about group departure date from India to Ukraine.
  • Student must reach reach 2 days prior to departure date and collect all original documents and visa from our office.
* The above admission procedure to apply for MBBS in Ukraine is simple and can be done online or by visiting any of our offices.

What are the benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine ?

Some of the most important benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine are as follows :

  • No donation or entrance for Indian students as MBBS admission in Ukraine is done directly.
  • Admissions are granted solely on the basis of eligibility which is 50% marks & NEET qualification.
  • The total duration of MBBS in Ukraine is 6 years which ensures adequate clinical exposure & learning.
  • MBBS fees in Ukraine is very low i.e. between 20 Lac to 26 Lac for whole course including accommodation.
  • Full course of medical education is in English medium, especially for Indian students.
  • All medical colleges in Ukraine are recognized by WHO & MCI/NMC & hence degree is valid worldwide.
  • Classes do not have more than 15 students for better understanding & learning.
  • Separate hostel for Indian students which has round the clock security.
  • All basic amenities available in hostels and are free of cost for all foreign students.
  • Different types of accommodation options available like 2/3/4 seater rooms.
  • Above all, Ukraine is the country which witnesses most number of admissions every year from India.

What is the medium of instruction of MBBS in Ukraine ?

The medium of instruction of MBBS in Ukraine is English language for Indian students.

  • The entire course of medical education is in English except the part where students interact with local patients.
  • However, students also learn the local language i.e. Ukrainian/Russian (As a subject with regular tests of it too).
  • This in turn helps Indian students to communicate with local patients when they visit hospitals for their clinical classes.
  • This additional language makes it easier for them to communicate with local people and get to know the country better.

What are the hostel facilities for Indian students in Ukraine ?

A brief overview of hostel facilities for Indian students in Ukraine are :

  • Indian students stay in the government hostels provided by university during their full tenure of MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Apart from that, the students can also choose to rent a flat/apartment in city and live by themselves from 2nd year.
  • The hostels for Indian students in Ukraine are much superior and better than those provided in India.
  • This is one of the reasons that their parents back in India are sure that their wards are at a very safe destination.
  • Indian mess is available in all Ukraine universities as huge number of Indian students are currently studying in all of them.
  • From 2nd year onwards, students can either prepare food themselves in hostel kitchens or continue to have food from Indian mess.
  • All facilities like electricity, hot & cold water, laundry, heating system in rooms, etc. are free for students by government/university.

What is the average cost of living in Ukraine ?

The average cost of living in Ukraine for Indian students is very less than other neighboring countries.

  • Indian students can easily spend a month in USD 80-100 including food, little travelling within city & some misc. expenses.
  • However, average cost of living in Ukraine entirely depends on the student’s lifestyle & his/her personal capacity.
  • The national currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia & at present stands at : 1 INR = 1 0.35 approximately

How do Indian students pay MBBS fees in Ukraine ?

Indian students can pay MBBS fees in Ukraine through 2 common methods. First, direct payment of full university fees after arrival in Ukraine which is most common method among Indian students. Second, transfer of fees directly to university’s bank account in Ukraine from any Indian bank. If the student wishes to transfer fees to a Ukraine medical college through bank, then this must be completed well before departure from India. In such case, the student must carry the fees transfer slip provided by bank along with himself/herself to show at university.

However, only selected universities have the facility to accept direct fees transfer from India in university’s official bank account. Hence, most of Indian students pay MBBS fees directly in Ukraine after their arrival.

How are MBBS classes conducted in Ukraine for Indian students ?

The MBBS classes in Ukraine for Indian students are planned and conducted in a very efficient way to offer best of both theoretical & practical knowledge :

  • MBBS classes in Ukraine for Indians never have more than 12-15 students.
  • This makes it really easy and comfortable for Indian students to directly interact with their teachers.
  • The teachers and professors who teach Indian students are highly skilled doctors, professors & Ph.D holders.
  • They have very high proficiency & experience to teach international students in English medium.
  • The first 2 years of MBBS classes in Ukraine are more inclined towards learning theoretical subjects of medicine.
  • During the 3rd year, students devote equal time to theoretical and practical classes with regular hospitals visits too.
  • Students acquire most clinical/practical skills from 3rd to 6th year, when they interact with local patients in government hospitals.

Will MBBS classes in Ukraine be online/offline for Indian students in 2021 ?

This is a completely 50/50 situation. The MBBS classes in Ukraine can be online as well as offline in 2021. As we are all well aware of the ongoing situation in whole world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, nothing is certain as of now. However, the option to conduct MBBS classes online in Ukraine can not be completely ruled out. Especially if the Covid-19 situation only gets worse by the end of 2021.

But this is one thing students should not worry about. Because even if the classes will be online then it’s beneficial for the students only. Firstly, they will be able to save their monthly living costs & flight expense of 1st year. Secondly, their education will not face any disturbances as they will be able to attend all classes from India online.

All Indian students who took MBBS admission in Ukraine in 2020 reached Ukraine by the end of December. The flights to Ukraine were operational & students departed to Ukraine in groups through chartered flights. This was possible as Ukraine had pact with India through the “Air Bubble Agreement”. Hence, Indian students were able to start attending regular classes in Ukraine instead of online.

Is the decision to study MBBS abroad in Ukraine correct ?

study MBBS in Ukraine can prove to be your best decision for pursuing MBBS from abroad.

  • It’s best for you if you qualify NEET but fail to secure a seat India due to the high cost of private colleges in India.
  • It is a great opportunity to get direct MBBS admission in Ukraine without any entrance exam.
  • There are a very fixed number of seats in Ukraine medical colleges for Indian students.
  • Hence, Indian students who really want pursue MBBS in Ukraine must plan in advance, if they want confirmed admission.
  • Admissions to study MBBS in Ukraine take place solely on the basis of eligibility criteria of university and MCI/NMC.
  • Above that, seats are allotted on a first come first serve basis without any sort of donation being involved.
  • These top medical colleges of Ukraine rank much higher than most renowned medical colleges in India.

Why should Indian students choose to study MBBS in Ukraine ?

The 2021 (September session) is one great opportunity for all Indian students to study MBBS in Ukraine.

  • Firstly, the ranking of some of the top medical universities in Ukraine is much better than top medical colleges of India.
  • Secondly, the total MBBS fees of Ukraine starts from just as low as 20 Lacs including the hostel accommodation & medical insurance too.
  • The duration of MBBS course in Ukraine is 6 years. This ensures that students acquire all necessary clinical skills and master them too.
  • Due to 6 years medical course, Indian students in Ukraine devote more time in hospitals as compared to those in Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan.
  • Next on, the total number of Indian students who choose to study MBBS in Ukraine every year is very high.
  • Last but the most important, the international flights to Ukraine are operational under the “Air Bubble Agreement”.
  • Hence, students from India will most probably travel to their destination cities in Ukraine just like last year.

How is medical degree from Ukraine beneficial for Indian students ?

There are numerous factors that make MBBS from Ukraine very useful & beneficial apart from top class universities & superior hostels provided. Few of such facts that justify the above statement are :

  • Option for Indian students to practice there itself after completion of MBBS course in Ukraine.
  • Students can appear in MCI/MCI Screening Test/FMGE/NeXT in India to work as doctors permanently.
  • Indian students can also appear in USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, etc. to pursue PG in any of these countries.
  • Student exchange programs & summer internships are offered by all government medical universities of Ukraine.
  • Regular extra-curricular activities conducted by medical colleges for overall personality development of students.

Why to take MBBS admission in Ukraine through us ?

Concisely, the most important benefits that you get when you take MBBS admission in Ukraine through us are :

  • You can be 100% sure that you get what you pay for and at exactly the price shown on website.
  • No hidden payments for anything else except what is mentioned in the fees structure on website.
  • You can be sure that you will also get a confirmed seat provided you are eligible & have a strong desire to be a doctor.
  • All main pre-departure services in India & post-arrival services in Ukraine will be managed by us.
  • Students can contact us during their entire tenure of medical education for any valid assistance.

* Students who are interested to apply in the best medical universities of Ukraine can book their seats now as admissions are open.
* This procedure can be done online (Recommended due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation) or by visiting any of our offices.

About Medical Education in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is one of the best choices one can make while choosing to pursue his/her career in studying MBBS abroad. Some useful facts that might make MBBS admission in Ukraine more relevant are :

  • The medical universities receive immense support and funding from government in order to maintain highest standards of education.
  • MBBS course from Ukraine has recognition from WHO & MCI/NMC which makes the MBBS degree valid globally.
  • Therefore, Indian students who graduate from these Ukraine medical universities can practice medicine anywhere in whole world.
  • The national language of Ukraine is Ukrainian but the whole population of country understand Russian language too.
  • All foreign students attend regular classes in universities to learn Ukrainian/Russian language during their tenure of education in Ukraine.
  • However, most of the Ukrainians speak Ukrainian & Russian languages. Additionally, many people also understand & speak English language.
  • Indian students in Ukraine get the opportunity to participate in various exchange programs conducted by medical universities.
  • Under these programs, they can travel to other countries of Europe and learn about new advancements in field of medicine.

About Ukraine

Now that you all are well aware about MBBS in Ukraine, lets brief a little about country. Ukraine is located in the eastern most part of Europe and is the 32nd most populated country of the world with a population of 4,25,00,000. The total area of this country is 6,03,628 sq. kms. & has a coastline of 2,782 kms making it the 46th largest country in the world. It is the 2nd largest country in European region & the largest in European Union. The country has lots of fertile land & plateaus which are crossed my major rivers like Dnieper, Donets, Southern Bug, Dniester & Seversky before these reach the famous Black Sea & Sea of Azov. Some of the natural resources found abundantly in Ukraine are coal, iron ore, natural gas, Sulphur, Graphite, Nickel & timber.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev city. Other major cities of Ukraine are Kharkiv, Odessa & Dnepropetrovsk. The official language spoken here by majority of people is Ukrainian & the second most used language being Russian language. The climate of Ukraine is fairly dry & warm in summers & quite cold in winters. Summer temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees while winter temperatures fall between 0 to -10 degrees. However, the chances of temperature falling below -10 in winters is always high. Despite severe winters, the country of Ukraine witnesses approx. 300 sunny days in an year.

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* 1 USD = INR 75 applied at the time of preparing.
* Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.
* Amount may slightly vary as per the currency exchange rate applicable time to time.
* Eligible students can take Direct MBBS Admission in Ukraine as per seats availability.
* Eligible students can choose the Medical Colleges in Ukraine as per their preference & choice.

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