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About Azerbaijan Medical University

It’s 2022, the year that saw a plethora of changes in the world. Just as people were adjusting to the adverse effects of the pandemic, another disaster occurred, and that was the Russia-Ukraine war.

The war didn’t only affect the participating countries but also impacted the entire world’s situation. One section of people the war had a major impact on were the students pursuing MBBS from foreign countries.

As we all know, MBBS in India has always been competitive. Students have found it very difficult to get MBBS admission even after scoring well in NEET in recent years.

This has given rise to a popular culture among medical students to pursue their MBBS from another country and then come back and practice here.

The idea has always served good, and even after the Russia-Ukraine war, the perception hasn’t changed much.

One country that has been popular among students to pursue their MBBS degrees is Azerbaijan. Situated at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, the country offers an endless number of opportunities to students who come to study there.

Pursuing MBBS from Azerbaijan

The recent times with Russia-Ukraine conflicts have sowed the seeds of doubts in many people’s minds. MBBS from foreign countries has been severely affected by that.

Even though the phenomenon of pursuing education from other countries does not stop, the question of safety and security renders students living in a dilemma of whether to pursue a good career or to avoid being part of conflict.

Well, to the readers reading this article, the first thing we need to clarify is that conflicts can arise anywhere. India has been in conflict with China and Pakistan for quite some time, but that doesn’t stop anyone from achieving their dreams.

It’s the same with Azerbaijan, and the plus point is that Azerbaijan as a whole is a completely safe country. Baku specifically is a beautiful place and offers complete security to people visiting and studying there.

Azerbaijan is also one of the most affordable countries globally. Food and transportation costs are very cheap, with a maximum of 4 AZN needed for a hearty meal at a small eatery and 0.30 AZN for a metro journey.

Coming onto MBBS in Azerbaijan- The Azerbaijan State Medical University, the sole Azerbaijan university responsible for training medical specialists, awards MD degrees equivalent to MBBS degrees in other countries.

The programs have a six-year duration, with students in the sixth year obliged to work in an entry-level position.

Azerbaijan Medical University is Internationally Accredited

The major benefit is that the clinical programs of Azerbaijan are “Internationally recognized” by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI), along with other well-known international organizations. All of this makes Azerbaijan an ideal place to study.
amu-cert mbbs abroad countries Azerbaijani
Authorisation Letter
International Accreditation Certificate for General Medicine
International Accreditation Certificate for Pharmacy
International Accreditation Certificate for Dentistry
Letter Confirming University is 5+ 1
Letter from Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Conforming students can work in Azerbaijan without any condition immediately after completion of Course
Study in Azerbaijan

Why MBBS Abroad

  • MCI has recognized many colleges / Universities abroad to study MBBS
  • No Donation / No capitation
  • Guaranteed and Direct Admission System
  • No Entrance test requires for admission
  • Extremely low living expenses same as India
  • Universities with Best World Class Infrastructure
  • Opportunity to get great International Exposure
  • Fully English tough study program for the whole duration
  • Availability of Hostel facilities with Indian food
  • Possibilities to get PG Medical admission with Low / No tution fees
    Possibility of getting scholarships based on 12th Marks to study MBBS

Why Azerbaijan Medical University

  • Recognized and Accredited by WFME / ENQA / EQAR
  • University fulfilling all requirements of NMC as per NMC gazette released on 18th November 2021
  • Only Government Medical University in Azerbaijan (Country which has a centralized Medical Education System) One Medical University for the entire country Managed and monitored directly by Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan
  • 92 Years Old University
  • Azerbaijan Medical University is a member of the Caucasus University Association, Turkic University Union, and the Black Sea Universities Network.
  • AMU cooperates with a number of international educational, scientific and medical institutions, international organizations, societies and associations (USAID, the American Austrian Foundation (AAF), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), TIKA (the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), the World Bank, The British Council, etc.).
  • Students of our university are active members of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA).
  • AMU has prepared more than 63,000 fully qualified doctors and pharmacists both for Azerbaijan Republic and for many countries in the world
  • At AMU training is carries out in 74 departments of the university with faculties and teaching staff of 650 teachers, including 76 D.Sc. 298 Ph.D., 2 honorary scientists
  • Along with 4 existing clinics of AMU, there are 6 academic buildings, an office building and 6 student hostels with 1,700 seats. Only one 11-storey modern educational building can accommodate 2,500 students. There are a number of theoretical departments of the university, an Internet center, a unique library with a stock of about 1 million books and the publishing house Tabib.
  • There are 6 student hostels and 1 GDGS Hostel. 2 of them are for girls, 2 for boys and 2 hostels for foreign students. GDGS Hostel is accompanies both boys and girls with separate blocks in Same building, The hostels are equipped with reading rooms, libraries, TVs, which allow watching world channels through satellite antennas. On each floor of the hostel there are rest rooms, as well as a room for students’ guests. The rooms are equipped with the Common Kitchen on each floors, most modern sleeping furniture, wardrobes and computer desks for each student. Heating, gas, electricity, telephone and internet lines are connected in the hostels.
  • Complete security service includes 24/7 service, CCTV Camera in each floors, Centralized Security point in each entrance & Exit
  • Coaching for USMLE, NEXT, PLAB

Coming onto the university’s specifics, Azerbaijan State Medical University has been in collaboration with:

  • Turkic University Union
  • Caucasus University Association
  • Black Sea Universities Network 

The university also works with a variety of international educational, scientific, and medical institutions, as well as international organizations, societies, and associations, such as:

  • US Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • American Austrian Foundation (AAF)
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA)
  • World Bank
  • British Council

The university’s students are also active members of the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA). All this offers ample opportunities for students to grow and broaden their horizons.  AMU also provides students with effective and complete training for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)- your ticket to obtaining the United States medical license. Also, as mentioned previously, AMU is approved by both the WHO and MCI, meaning that students are free to work in India after completing their degree once they pass the MCI screening test.

Why Azerbaijan, Baku City

Azerbaijan is one of the modern European countries. Studying in Azerbaijan you will get a chance to have education in 3 languages – Azerbaijan (can be considered a dialect of Turkish language), Russian and English. The level of education in Azerbaijan Universities is very high. Students, who have graduated from these universities, are able to find job easily not only in Azerbaijan but also all over the world. Azerbaijan is the most stable country in the world, with the least crime rate. Azerbaijan is one of the world’s most tolerant and hospitable nations. Here, it is impossible to mention any discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, sexual and etc.
Azerbaijan can play the role of a springboard for your future. By studying in Azerbaijan you can get Azerbaijan citizenship easily and with this citizenship it will be more comfortable to travel many countries, including European countries, without a visa, and some of them with simplified visa Historically, Azerbaijan has been considered as a crossroad between Asia and Europe. Nowadays Azerbaijan and its capital Baku is home to various global projects and events in the field of energy, economy, transport and sport.

Azerbaijan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of the region. Each year more than 5500 international students come here to study, enriching multicultural environment of the country. As a young and promising Country, Universities feels proud to host students, faculty and staff members from 43 different countries of the world.

Where is Azerbaijan

The nation’s located at the meeting grounds between the Middle East and Europe and enjoys a stable time internationally and a low crime rate nationally with its strict laws and tight security system. 

In fact, internationally, the country enjoys quite a good relationship with all its neighbour’s. The cuisine in Azerbaijan is the direct result of that, consisting of various dishes from Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, and other countries.

Why Choose Azerbaijan Medical University?

AMU matches all the requirements of National Medical Councils new amendments.
If you need to be eligible to register and practice in India after your overseas MBBS, you must study in the university with the following requirements as per the National Medical Council of India Notification & Gazette released on Nov 18th 2021
Minimum Duration of the Medical Degree 54 Months Yes
Internship (Same College University) 12 Months Yes
University has to have own hospital Mandatory Yes
Medium of Instruction English Yes
Mandatory Subjects Listed Yes
Country should allow students to practice and work as domestic Students Listed Yes
Note: To register in India for medical practice, the above-mentioned guidelines by NMC must be strictly followed

Courses aspects of MBBS in Azerbaijan

AMU’s MBBS programs are internationally recognized, and the pattern of study is based on the preclinical, clinical, and para clinical subjects.

You’ll be studying for ten semesters over five years. The course will guide you on the various aspects of medicine with both practical and theoretical knowledge. The various subjects that’ll be covered in the duration of these five years are:

  • Biochemistry, biomedical, and general medicine
  • Radiology
  • ENT
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pathology
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Endocrinology
  • Physiology and psychiatry
  • Human anatomy, respiratory system, urinary system, and cardiovascular system

MBBS study costs in Azerbaijan

In comparison to Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and other countries, the cost of MBBS study in Azerbaijan is quite low. Azerbaijan’s medical universities are primarily concerned with offering high-quality education at a low cost.

In Azerbaijan, the average cost of education is roughly Rs. 35-40 lakhs, covering MBBS tuition and hostel fees for six years.

your living costs can exceed Rs. 80 thousand per year. Food and other miscellaneous expenses are also quite low, at around Rs. 90 thousand per year.

9500 7,79,000 (A)
2nd Year to 6th Year Tution Fees 6750*5 33750 27,67,500
Hostel Fees 750*5 3750 3,07,500
Total 37,500 30,75,000 (B)
Grand Total A+B= 38,54,000
  • USD Calculated at Rs 82, (Actual USD rates on the date of Payment shall apply)
Variable Expenses
  • University Hostel Fees: University Hostel Boys & Girls Mixed 750USD (University hostel beds are very limited, so have to book in advance and confirmed under first come first serve basis)
  • Food and accommodation expenses outside university will be approximately 300 – 400 USD per month
Note : (Hostel & Mess is not Payable on Monthly basis)
  • USD Calculated at Rs 82, (Actual USD rates on the date of Payment shall apply)

Variable Expenses

  • Mess Charges: 1500 USD (10 Months)
  • Hostel Fees: University Hostel Boys & Girls Mixed 750USD (Very limited so have to book in advance and confirmed under first come first basis)
  • GDGS Hostel 4 Sharing 1000USD, 3 Sharing 1200USD, 2 Sharing 1400USD, 1 Sharing 1600USD
  • GDGS Processing fees + GST

Note : (Hostel & Mess is not Payable on Monthly basis)

Essential documents

There’s a slew of essential documents that you can’t skip if you’re planning on getting admission to MBBS in Azerbaijan. They’re as follows: Will require,
Completed and signed AMU – Application Form* with each page initialed and with:-

  1. 10th Std Mark sheet*
  2. 12th Std Mark sheet*
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of Passport (“Front” and “Back”)*
  5. National Id Proof (Aadhar Card on absence of Passport) *
  6. 1 Copy of passport size Photo with Red Background
  7. NEET Score Card once received
  8. 15,000 for Registration and admission confirmation (Cash, Cheque or DD in Favor of “Get Direction Global Solutions”

High School Transcript course and grade transcript within the final year. (Students should be heading for First Division Grades in Biology, Chemistry, Math’s / Physics)

• These must documents must be all good scanned copies and sent as one or two compressed files on one email per student application
• Marked * is considered to be important for getting offer letter from university

Get Direction Global is here to ease your journey

We know all the above information must have enthralled you. A beautiful country, affordable prices, a secure atmosphere, and the attraction of an MBBS degree make everyone want to kick start their journey as soon as possible. Get Direction Global can help you in that process. The company has hired consultants with more than ten years of experience and is affiliated with over 700 universities. The best advantage of contacting Get Direction Global is that the company is affiliated with Azerbaijan State Medical University.

The meaning of this? We have all the contacts and tools to make your path even more feasible. 

Another advantage Get Direction Global has over other competitors is that they have our private office set up in Azerbaijan. This lets them be in direct contact with any student who affiliates with us.  This gives the students an option to contact us anytime in times of difficulty and receive immediate help. So stop thinking and buckle up, if MBBS in Azerbaijan is your goal, contact Get Direction Global a be one step nearer.

For More details to talk to our admissions team call or WhatsApp us at +918015000900
Course start date : September 15th 2023
Latest Arrival Date : 10th September 2023

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