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The Membership Examination of the Surgical Royal Colleges (MRCS) is designed for surgical trainees in the generality part of specialty training. The MRCS examination is a crucial milestone in a surgical career; it determines whether a surgical trainee possesses the applied knowledge, skills and attributes to complete basic training and to progress to higher levels of specialist surgical training. The successful MRCS surgeons working in more than 100 countries including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and many more.
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  • It is recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • No entrance exams like PG NEET, PLAB/IELTS are required to enroll for MRCP exams.
  • MBBS Degree with 1 year of Internship is the eligibility to apply for MRCP, UK.
  • On completion of the course doctors can work in clinical positions and academic positions in India and abroad.

Exam Format

  • MRCS Part A – Applied Basic Science
  • MRCS Part A – Principles of Surgery in General
  • MRCS Part B – OSCE


  • Part A of the MRCS is a written examination, divided into two papers. Part A – Applied Basic Science  is three hours’ duration with 180 questions ( MCQ and EMQ).
  • Part A – Principles of Surgery in General is a two hour duration exam with 120 questions (MCQ and EMQ). Both papers are taken on the same day and examine generic surgical sciences and applied knowledge.

To be eligible to sit the MRCS exam, you must hold a medical degree that is acceptable to the UK General Medical Council (GMC)


The exam fees for Part 1 MRCOG is approximately £550

Exam Centres:

Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala, Mumbai

Application & Exam Dates:

S.No Application Date Exam Date
1 July September
2 February May


  • Module 1 Basic science knowledge relevant to surgical practice
  • Module 2 Common surgical conditions
  • Module 3 Basic surgical skills
  • Module 4 The assessment and management of the surgical patient
  • Module 5 Perioperative care of the surgical patient
  • Module 6 Assessment and early treatment of the patient with trauma
  • Module 7 Surgical care of the paediatric patient
  •  Module 8 Management of the dying patient
  • Module 9 Organ and tissue transplantation
  • Module 10 Professional behaviour and leadership skills

OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Part B of the Intercollegiate MRCS is an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE). It tests:

  • anatomy and surgical pathology
  • applied surgical science and critical care
  • clinical and procedural skills
  • communication skills

It examines the basic surgical scientific knowledge and its application to clinical surgery. Its purpose is to build on the test of knowledge in Part A and assess how you are able to integrate knowledge and apply it in clinically appropriate contexts. This is done through a series of stations reflecting elements of day-to-day clinical practice.

This is examined by testing the candidate in 18 OSCE stations.

Exam Centres:

Chennai, Kochi & Kolkatta


The exam fee for Clinical Exam is approximately £997.


  • Anatomy and surgical pathology (5 stations)
  • Applied surgical science and critical care (3 stations)
  • Clinical and Procedural Skills (6 stations)
  • Communication skills (4 stations)
  • Giving and receiving information
  • History Taking


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Online INR 4,50,000/year
RegularINR 17,00,000 for 2 year
*GST Applicable
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