Izhevsk State Medical Academy

Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Russia)

Izhevsk State Medical Academy was established in the year 1933 and is one of the several government higher education medical institutions in the Russian Federation. The university is located in Izhevsk city which is the capital of Udmurtia province. ISMA, Izhevsk currently offers one of the lowest MBBS fees in Russia for Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad. The total MBBS fees in Izhevsk for 2021 (September) is very low (Indian Rupees 16.80 Lacs) as compared to all other universities in the Russian Federation where Indians travel to pursue medical education. The process of MBBS admission in Izhevsk is simple with minimal documentation (If the student fits in the eligibility criteria).

ISMA (Izhevsk State Medical Academy) functions under the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science & Higher Education of Russia. ISMA has trained more than 21,500 doctors in the past 86 years of its establishment. At present, 350 teachers (Including 212 Candidates of Medicine & 86 Doctors of Medicine) provide training to students in 52 departments at the university & 28 clinical centers of the university. The medical college received its first batch of international students in the year 1988. The academy recently joined the league of those universities that offer English medium MBBS courses in Russia for students from the Indian subcontinent.

Izhevsk State Medical Academy’s ranking is among the popular higher medical institutions of Russia that are run by the Ministry of Education & Science of Russia. The university has gained some popularity among medical colleges in Russia especially as the MBBS course in English medium was launched here 3 years ago which now attracts hundreds of international students every year. This is the reason that this university is soon becoming popular among Indian students who wish to study MBBS in Russia. The university takes part in various scientific and research activities related to the field of medicine and dozens of other fields of education.

What is the total MBBS fees in Izhevsk State Medical Academy?

The total MBBS fees in Izhevsk State Medical Academy is 16.80 Lacs (Indian Rupees) for Indian students. The detailed MBBS fee in Izhevsk for 2021 (September Session) is given below :

  • 1st Year : USD 6,500 / INR 4,55,000
  • 2nd-6th/Year : USD 3,500 / INR 2,45,000
  • Total Fees : USD 24,000 / INR 16,80,000
  • * The MBBS fee structure of Izhevsk State Medical Academy given above includes tuition fees, hostel accommodation, medical checkup, medical insurance, visa extension & misc. charges.

    What is the MBBS eligibility in Izhevsk State Medical Academy for Indian students?

    The MBBS eligibility in Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Russia) for admission of Indian students is as below :

    • 50% Marks in PCB (In 12th/Inter/Equivalent)
    • NEET qualification (2019/2020/2021)
    • Minimum 17 years age (Till 31st December)

    * Indian students should apply for MBBS admission in Izhevsk soon as very limited seats are available. 

    How to apply for MBBS admission in Izhevsk State Medical Academy?

    Students from India and other foreign countries can apply for MBBS admission in Izhevsk through a very simple admission procedure as outlined below :
    • The student should submit scans of 10th, 12th/Inter mark sheets and NEET qualification (2019/2020/2021).
    • University will issue the confirmed admission letter on the basis of documents submitted by a candidate.
    • Students must submit scans of valid passports for invitation letter issuance.
    • University will issue the invitation letter for a study visa & student’s entry to Russia.
    • Students must submit original mark sheets, passports & few additional documents for study visas from the embassy.
    • We will assist students with currency exchange & ticket booking before departure from India.
    • Student groups are organized at the airport and they depart in batches from New Delhi (IGI Airport) to Russia.
    • One of our representatives meets the student group at the airport in Russia and provides the transport to the hostel.
    • All formalities of medical checkup, visa extension, contract signing, etc. are completed by our representative in Russia.

    * All eligible candidates can apply for MBBS admission in Russia online too (Due to the Covid-19 pandemic) or can visit any of our offices given on the website with prior appointments.

    Is Izhevsk State Medical Academy recognized by MCI/NMC & WHO?

    Yes, Izhevsk State Medical Academy is recognized by MCI/NMC (National Medical Commission) as well as WHO (World Health Organization). This clears 2 major doubts for all students as given below :

    • All Indian students who get MBBS admission in Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Russia) can appear in the MCI Screening Test/FMGE/NExT in India. After passing this test, they can work as a registered medical practitioner in India (Either in the government & private sector).
    • These students can appear in the entrance exam of any country for post-graduation as Izhevsk State Medical Academy is included in the list of recognized/approved medical colleges in Russia published by WHO as per global norms.

    What is the ranking of Izhevsk State Medical Academy in Russia?

    Izhevsk State Medical Academy ranks among the renowned higher education medical institutions in Russia according to online surveys done by major firms. The academy may soon be among the top medical universities of Russia in a couple of years too. It offers one of the lowest MBBS fee structures to all international students who wish to pursue medical education in Russia in English medium (As of today).

    ISMA, Izhevsk is one of the best medical colleges in Russia which was established in the year 1933. It is one of those institutions that is gaining immense popularity among Indian students in a very short span of time especially due to the low fee & English medium course. The college currently has more than 200 foreign students studying medicine in the English medium.

    What is the duration & medium of instruction in Izhevsk State Medical Academy?

    The total duration of MBBS course in Izhevsk State Medical Academy is 6 years for Indian students. The exact duration of course in all government medical universities of Russia is 5 years 8 months. This duration is in general considered as 6 years as all foreign students spends full 6 years in Russia during their course of medical education. The total course duration includes internship also that is required for working as medical practitioner in Russia & neighboring countries.

    The medium of instruction in Izhevsk State Medical Academy for all foreign students is English. All the tests, exams & classes are conducted in English by teachers/professors/doctors for Indians. The university has one of the most experienced and best English speaking faculty for foreigners. It has been approx. 3 years when the MBBS course in English medium was started in Izhevsk for Indian students. All medical books by Indian writers are also available in university library and often referred during classes. This helps the students to be prepared for their MCI Screening Test/FMGE/NExT in India after MBBS from Izhevsk.

    What are the teaching faculties in ISMA, Izhevsk?

    The faculties at Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Russia) that are active at present and provide training to national & foreign students are :

    • Faculty of Medicine
    • Faculty of Dentistry
    • Nursing Faculty
    • Faculty of Post-graduate Specialization
    • Preparatory/Language Faculty

    The universities provide training in various disciplines for graduate, post-graduate & preparatory/language courses. The faculty of general medicine is one of the most chosen faculties by Indian students & receives the most number of applications for MBBS admission in Russia every year. All hostels are located within the main campus so Indian students have to travel any far from their hostels for attending classes. Most of the students from India who apply for admission to Izhevsk State Medical Academy choose to study in the faculty of general medicine only.

    How are classes conducted in ISMA, Izhevsk?

    The classes for Indian students in Izhevsk State Medical Academy comprise of 12-15 foreign students. These small groups perhaps helps them to learn and understand better. Indians begin their classes with a revision of science subjects and selected medical subjects (Anatomy & Histology) during 1st semester. Apart from this, local language (Russian) is also taught as a subject from the very beginning. This helps them to start interacting with local people for their their daily activities outside college/university.

    During the first 2 years of  MBBS course in Izhevsk, emphasis is given to theoretical subjects. Students attend all of their classes within university campus. From 3rd year onwards, they have to visit hospitals in city and interact with local patients. By this time, Indian students become fluent in local language & do not face any problems in understanding local patients. This makes it easier for them to report back to their professor/doctor in English who evaluates their performance. The time students spend in hospitals for these clinical/practical classes increases with every further year.

    What are the hostel facilities in Izhevsk State Medical Academy for Indian students?

    Several hostels for Indian students in Izhevsk State Medical Academy are available within the main college campus area. A brief overview of the facilities at hostels is as below :
    • All ISMA, Izhevsk hostels are located within the main campus & students can attend most classes in college at a walking distance.
    • Indians only have to travel out of campus when they have to attend classes in hospitals from 3rd year onwards.
    • All the hostels has CCTV surveillance system & fire alarm safety system installed for the safety of foreigners.
    • Students can choose 2/3/4 seater rooms which have with study tables & chairs, beds, bed-sheets, wardrobe, lamps, etc.
    • They can also submit application to hostel administration, if they wish to the change their room or upgrade it to a 2/3 seater room.
    • Indian boys and girls are provided accommodation on separate floors or separate hostels with complete separation.
    • The hostels have facilities of kitchens, laundry, sports hall & reading hall within it’s premises on each each floor.
    • It is compulsory for Indian students to stay in hostel provided by college during the first year of their MBBS in Izhevsk.
    • From 2nd year onwards, they can choose to rent a flat/apartments or continue to stay in college hostel.
    • Indian mess facility is available in all hostels of Izhevsk State Medical Academy where they can have breakfast, lunch & dinner.
    • The Indian mess is not compulsory for students in 1st year & they can opt in if they wish to or prepare food themselves in hostel kitchens.
    • All Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi & Eid are also celebrated among Indian students with enthusiasm and joy every year in hostel.
    • Izhevsk State Medical Academy organizes several annual sports and cultural events for students to showcase their skills & talents.

    How is MBBS fees in ISMA, Izhevsk paid by Indian students?

    The MBBS fees in Izhevsk can be paid through 2 methods. First & most widely adopted method is by which the students carry the fees with themselves from India. They purchase US Dollars in Delhi before departure & pay after arrival in Russia. Second and the rare one is when the students pays fees through bank loan. As the bank does not provide the loan amount to parent, they ask for the college account number for online transfer. In this method, the candidate must confirm transfer of fees to college immediately after his MBBS admission in Izhevsk State Medical Academy.

    Why to study MBBS in Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Russia?

    Some of the useful facts which might make it easier for a student to decide about studying MBBS in Izhevsk State Medical Academy are as mentioned below :

    • ISMA (Izhevsk State Medical Academy) ranks among the popular medical education institutions in the whole of the Russian Federation.
    • It has recognition from MCI/NMC (National Medical Commission) as well as WHO, so the medical degree is valid in the whole world.
    • Being a more than 86 years old medical university of Russia, Izhevsk State Medical Academy witnesses admissions from India too.
    • It is one of the top choices of Indian students for MBBS in whole Russia due to its low fees & good hostel facilities especially.
    • The university has been training foreign students (Including Indians) in the English medium for more than 2 years now.
    • The faculty of medicine at ISMA is highly experienced & skilled in training Indian students in the field of medicine in the English medium.
    • Students get ample exposure to clinical & practical sessions by interacting with local patients in hospitals under doctor’s supervision.
    • The total MBBS fees in Izhevsk State Medical Academy is one of the lowest which any college offers for an English medium medical course.
    • MBBS admission in Izhevsk State Medical Academy is quite simple & straightforward with an easily achievable eligibility requirement.
    • By the time students complete their medical course, they have full command over another foreign language too i.e. Russian.

    Steps after MBBS from Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Russia) :

    Some of the most important points that all Indian students who graduate after MBBS from Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Russia must be aware of are :

  • All Indian students must appear and qualify the MCI Screening Test/FMGE/NExT in India after they receive MD (Physician) degree.
  • This MD (Physician) degree equivalent to the MBBS degree in India and has no difference.
  • The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Exam)/NeXT (National Exit Test) is organized twice every year i.e. in June & December.
  • This is a qualifying exam in online mode and students must score 50% marks to pass it.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a student can appear in this exam until he clears it.
  • They have to serve 1 year internship in India after clearing this test in any part of India.
  • The students get permanent registration in India once they complete their internship in India.
  • Doctors can now either work in government/private hospitals or run their own clinics in India or appear in NEET PG too.
  • Doctors who want to pursue further PG education in English speaking countries can appear in USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, etc.
  • Hundreds of Indians from ISMA, Izhevsk have cleared their exams in India & are currently working successfully in India.
  • Izhevsk City :

    Izhevsk city is the capital city of the Udmurt Republic/Udmurtia of the Russian Federation. The city was earlier known by the name Ustinov till 1987 (Named after the Soviet Minister of Defence Dmitry Estonia). The population of the city was estimated to be around 6,50,000 in the year 2010. The city is famous for defense, metallurgy & the engineering industry. The city of Izhevsk is also known as the Arms Capital of Russia as the city is the hometown of Alexander Kalashnikov, the person who invented the AK-47 rifle. To date, the AK rifles from Izhevsk are exported throughout the world for the military as well as civilian uses.

    Some of the major tourist attractions in the city are Izhevsk Pond, Nevsky Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Pesochnaya TV Mast & Udmurtia Circus. The major source of the economy of Izhevsk is military production i.e. assault rifles which are extremely popular in Russian as well as abroad. The city has trams, trolleybuses, buses, vans & taxis for traveling within the city. Izhevsk is also well connected to all other major cities of Russia through rail, road, and air routes. The people of the city are very friendly towards foreigners and are happy to see them. Indian students studying MBBS in Izhevsk State Medical Academy find the people of the city very friendly to interact with. The city of Izhevsk has people from more than 100 ethnicities living together in harmony.

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