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Application Terms & Condition

1. The applicant accepted irrevocably all the conditions of the offer mentioned in the “Acknowledgement Letter” to study in Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) sent by the representative.
2. The representative is to provide the student a study seat in AMU if the student fulfils all requirements imposed by the administration of AMU and this form.
3. Applicant understands that in order to get his/her visa invitation, he/she should follow the instruction mentioned in the acknowledgment letter.
4. The applicant accepts and should not contest the fact that he is offer is personal and all financial details mentioned in the “Acknowledgement Letter” may differ for different applicants for reasons that the Representative deems appropriate, such as different entry intake, academic year, different citizenship, etc… and the Representative has the full discretion regarding it.
5. Applicant that chose the preparatory courses should also choose the Faculty that he/she wish to continue.
6. Failure to obtain AMU Student visa from the Azerbaijan Embassy, applicant will receive the refund of the advance payment.
7. Applicant failure to get admission with AMU one way student visa, he/she will get refund of the tuition fee and accommodation charges that was made as advance payment except admission conformation fees.
8. The student is informed that on the second day of his/her arrival to Azerbaijan, he/she has to hand over all the necessary documents (which listed in the university offer (letter) to the Administration of International Relations in order to complete his/her admission process to the university.
9. The student understands that in case of failure to provide all the necessary documents, the student has to deal with this problem individually with the AMU administration.
10. Student that directed to follow the premedical courses should transfer the payment of the premedical courses according to the acknowledgment letter.
11. The representative directs the student to AMU for realization of training.
12. The representative will guide the student to complete his/her admission.
13. The representative is not to be held responsible for any false document provided by the student.
14. Student is offered a place in the hostel in either the two or three-seater rooms depends on the availability upon his/her arrival to AMU.
15. Accommodation charges covered according to the academic year and not on monthly basis.
16. If student is expelled or decided to terminate his/her study, he/she eligible for the tuition fee and accommodation charges refund of the upcoming semester only (if prepaid) and refund process will starts only when that particular student had left the territory of Azerbaijan.
17. If student decided to stay out of the university accommodation, he/she are not eligible for any kind of refund. He/she have the obligation to complete all the protocols and documents needed for moving out of the university accommodation before moving out of hostel.
18. The student is to transfer the annual payments to the representative official bank account for indemnification of training and accommodation charges before the beginning of each academic year and failure to do so he/she will not get the permission slip to attend classes and this will lead to the expulsion from the AMU.
19. In the event where a student is directed by the university to repeat any academic semester or an academic year, the student has to pay the relevant charges to the representative as any other academic year before repeating session starts.
20. The representative shall not be held responsible or liable to student that travel with or without permission within any part of Azerbaijan or visits other countries including student’s homeland during the academic period at Azerbaijan Medical University.
21. The representative is to request on behalf of the student a visa invitation from the university if the student fulfils all requirements imposed by the University and this sheet.
22. The representative is to inform the university that the student has fulfilled his/her semester or yearly payment as soon as the full payments reach the bank account.
23. The student is to take full responsibility to provide the representative a valid travel document and genuine study documents needed for the request of visa invitation from Azerbaijan Medical University.
24. Study materials are available in the library of AMU and not always available to borrow out of the library.
25. The student is to abide at his/her full responsibility with Azerbaijan State laws and regulations.
26. The student admits that the responsibility of the representative ends at the moment that the representative sends the visa invitation or informs the University of the Student Payment for each academic year.
27. The student admits that if he/she is expelled from Azerbaijan Medical University due to academic failure or misbehaviour or for any other reason, he/she cannot request from the representative for any refund.
28. The student understands that the only way to pay the tuition fee and accommodation fee is to be made through the representative’s official bank account.
29. Refund for any payment is subject to be transfer to the student, parent or sponsor’s bank account only by the representative.
30. All financial matters such as payments and refunds should be discussed with the representative through the representative email.
31. The only payment made directly to the university’s bank account is if the student caused any damage or any penalties or any extra classes that he/she requests.
32. A limited medical insurance is provided by the representative which valid for Baku City. (Life Insurance not included).
33. Upon request the representative is to provide the parents of the student’s study achievements.
34. The representative may arrange transportation (Airport – Hostel) at a cost upon the student request.
35. The applicant is aware that provided information by the applicants including personal details filled in the Enrolment Form or any other documents or emails or web forms are for the need-to-know basis and for the purposes of accessing and facilitating the applicant admission to Azerbaijan Medical University and can be used for this purpose by subcontractors or agents of Azerbaijan Medical University or/and the representative.
36. Any conflict regarding this terms and conditions should be solved in a friendly manner.
37. The student agreed that the representative origin country laws and courts are the only judiciary power that can resolve any disputed matters regarding this terms and conditions in case a friendly solution is not found for any conflict.
38. These terms are valid for the whole period of the student studies at AMU.
39. Applicant should arrive in Azerbaijan with the visa validity period of not less than ONE MONTH. Failure to do so the applicant will have to embark from Azerbaijan and wait for a new invitation.
40. Upon admission, the student is to sign the three parties’ contract with the representative and the University. Unsigned forms will not be processed.

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